Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Reading Festival was epic

Had such an amazing time at Reading Festival 2012.
It didn't live up to last year and it didn't exceed last year either because they were different. No comparison.
The line-up this year, I thought, was better than last year. But this isn't necessarily good because it meant that acts clashed and I couldn't go to all of the ones I wanted ! Unhappy face.
But here are some new artists I came across, or just ones that were/are super great and didn't share with you on my pre-Reading post:

And here's a top comedian for y'all too:

Happy listening

Is is best for an ex to become somebody that you used to know?...

Just wanted to share this.

It is something that has crossed my mind a lot and even after discovering the post by A CUP OF JO I am still stuck. 

Do you stay friends with an ex or not? Do you even try to stay in contact, even if it's a "Hi, how are things?" every now again?

Do you even bother or is the best thing to just let them go and both get on with your lives without them?
If someone has been such a big part of your life so so long it's obviously going to be hard to let them go so easily, so is no contact better than some or a lot of contact?
When life hands you this problem, what do you do?

This song popped into my head.

Is is best for an ex to become somebody that you used to know?...

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Baby love

Incase you didn't know, like a stereotypical female, I love babies. 
I see a baby and my womb starts throbbing with a want for a child... 
I know I am no where near ready to have a child of my own, but I just can't help my utter adoration for children!
However, when you are in a restaurant, or on a bus, or just anywhere, and there is a screaming child, like most people, I would think, my fondness decreases.
People say that children are only cute if they are your own, that is probably true. But if I find children this adorable now, can you imagine what I'll be like when I actually (hopefully) have my own?!

Anyway, I have rambled about this because the most hilarious and completely amazingly cute book of photographs as been brought to my attention by the blogger A CUP OF JO. (Please check out her post and her blog and enjoy.)

In regards to the book by Rachel Hulin, the idea began when she explored what it would look like if she cropped her husband out of photos of him lifting up their son.
A wonderful result.
Highly amusing and delightful.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Reading Festival 2012

12 Days and 11 Hours until Reading Festival!!
I am so excited! Why wouldn't I be?!
I went last year- best time of my life.
Slightly afraid that in my mind this year will be trying to beat the awesomeness of the previous year, but I think the line-up this year is better so we'll see...
Obviously there have been changes since last year, new school and all, new friends, new beginnings, bla bla blaa
This means this year will be way different from last year Meaning no comparison. #Yes.
Anyway, here are some artists I can't wait to see! :

 See you there! 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Magic Button

We all go through tough times. Life is difficult. If life was easy then it wouldn't be fun, there would be no sense of achievement or reward because everything wouldn't be much of a struggle.

I myself am having a rough patch. I know it will pass eventually that doesn't make things any better. A friend told me to check out a website that would make everything okay. At first I thought my friend was taking the piss. I was curious, but knew that one website wasn't going too solve my problem. I took a peak anyway.

This simple website made me smile. It may have even made me chuckle a bit. It did brighten my mood for a minute or two. And I guess with most difficult situations they can only improve with time, but with the right distractions and sources for smiles, the process can be made a tad easier.

If only things could be solved with the click of a button, the world would be a much simpler place. But is that what you want?...