Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Magic Button

We all go through tough times. Life is difficult. If life was easy then it wouldn't be fun, there would be no sense of achievement or reward because everything wouldn't be much of a struggle.

I myself am having a rough patch. I know it will pass eventually that doesn't make things any better. A friend told me to check out a website that would make everything okay. At first I thought my friend was taking the piss. I was curious, but knew that one website wasn't going too solve my problem. I took a peak anyway.

This simple website made me smile. It may have even made me chuckle a bit. It did brighten my mood for a minute or two. And I guess with most difficult situations they can only improve with time, but with the right distractions and sources for smiles, the process can be made a tad easier.

If only things could be solved with the click of a button, the world would be a much simpler place. But is that what you want?...

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