Sunday, 13 January 2013

If you could meet yourself, what would you say?

What would it be like to meet yourself? Would you like that person? Dislike that person?
How would you judge a version of yourself, outside yourself?

The fantastic film Another Earth finds a way to externalise the internal monologues that we all have inside our heads. This minimalist Science-Fiction movie focuses on redemption, forgiveness and what it means to be human- as oppose to the stereotypical aliens, spaceships and time travel that is associated with Sci-Fi. I am not particularly a fan of Science-Fiction but Another Earth would certainly appeal to all who are willing to ask questions about humanity. It sounds like deep, ponsy, self-reflective jumbo but honestly, even my grumpy ole' paps enjoyed the twist in the film.

The complex characters makes the notion of there being a parallel universe believable. As a viewer, you are forced to empathise with both sides of an accidental tragedy, instead of being told to pick sides like a child in a divorce. You are made to, and allowed to think for yourself, something long awaited after years of Disney and Hollywood blockbusters aiding you to the predictable (anti-)climax. The low budget of the production may be seen as an obstacle or hinderance to many but I think it adds a personal and intimate quality. In the words of the director Mike Cahill, it allowed the creators to come up with "creative and clever methods of suggestion", which ultimately adds to the wonderfully moving story behind the philosophical debate.

So, if you could meet yourself, what would you say?...

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