Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Olympic Games: to be a fan, or not to be a fan...

So, as the whole world knows, the Olympics is coming to London.
I understand that it is a great privilege as it is has been going on for yeeeaars, but it has caused such a hassle that I can't help question if all the fuss it worth it.

Because that's what it is, fuss. New venues built especially for it that may not even be used afterwards? What's the point of spending so much? They are impressive constructions but there is no doubt that the money could have been spent elsewhere and made a real difference.

After all the cuts and whatnot, was this the best time?
Then again, would it have been a good time for any country? Greece? Syria? France? Even America?
No one could have predicted the future, but surely some people with some authority saw it coming?
Who knows. The public are always kept in the dark, eh?

Nevertheless, there are of course stupidly awful Olympic songs to get people in the mood. Like Muse's attempt to create a 2012 summer banger - but failing - and producing a Queen-sounding anthem, only suited to be played in a red square in the USSR... Never mind Bellamy, not sure there'll be a next time to have better luck in. Sorry mate.

But life goes on and so do the games.
The torch is supposed to go by the park near my house in a few days so hopefully that will be exciting and finally get me in the mood. I do want to like the Olympics, and I did before they came to LND. I dunno, maybe I'm just being a scrooge, as my dad says.
Lemme ave it papa!

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