Tuesday, 3 July 2012

British Summer

I like the sun shine, but I also like the rain. 
I like the warmth stroking my cheeks while my fingertips stroke the soft sand.
Yet I also like the patter of droplets as I walk to the bus stop; as I wait for a bus, against the bus window as I travel to college, against the classroom windows as I wait for college to end, against my bedroom window as I dose off into tomorrow...
It is a shame that we either have already had a very brief summer here, at least, in London, or will not at all! I hope the sun does make an appearance maybe August/September, at least keep us on our toes.
However, while the sun deprives us of his glory, I am enjoying the rain it has to be said. 
I have finally found my anorak! Which my mum had taken (she says borrowed without asking), so now I have no fear of the rain and am eager to stroll around outside. 
I do fear that this cheap anorak may be my kryptonite. My mum better not take it again otherwise I am not leaving the house until the sun does come out. And who know how long that could be!
Reading Festival 2011, by our tent, it remained safe from rain and mud, thankfully!

Reading Festival 2011, (From left to right, Kate, Chloe, Me, Ellie) I looked far more drenched than I thought at the time... This year better not be the same, but it probably will yay

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