Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Paper cutting

My new found pastime, passion or project? 

My mum and I went on a paper cutting workshop lead by Suzy Taylor (Check her out she's amazing!).
It was great fun, a real girly activity for mothers and daughters to bond over. 
I didn't want it to end! 
It takes longer than you think with a lot more effort and concentration than you think. 
My neck, hand and eyes hurt after but no pain no gain! Right?
My mum was very pleased with herself after, which was nice, as she isn't the most creative person (but she is better at drawing than she gives herself credit for). She cut a nice and simple deep violet tree against a clashing red background. Was nice and striking. I have an underlining obsession with butterflies so of course what better medium to create such delicate beauty than paper cutting? I was quite pleased but wasn't quite finished.
Mum's paper cutting

My unfinished paper cutting

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